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The Foundation empowers conservation leaders to protect the irreplaceable lands, waters, and wildlife of western North America. The Foundation has identified 13 geographic priority regions in western North America that are critical for wildlife and ecological resilience. The Foundation has organized its efforts around three primary geographic programs, each containing several priority regions. The three areas are Alaska/British Columbia, Northwest/Southwest, and Yellowstone to Yukon. The Alaska/British Columbia Program focuses on five priority regions within the Foundationís furthers norther and western landscapes, from the Arctic to the plateaus and mountains of the Chilcotin in south-central British Columbia. The Northwest/Southwest Program focuses on three priority regions within western North America, from the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest through the Great Basin and into the Sierra Madre Occidental in northwest Mexico. The Yellowstone to Yukon Program supports conservation in five priority regions from Yellowstone National Park in the south, following the spine of the continent north to the Yukon where the mountainous corridor spills out into the Arctic plains. Funding is focused on the following areas: research in support of the Foundationís place-based conservation programs; engagement; science capacity; and science policy. The Foundation requests potential applicants call before submitting a proposal. Additional information including contacts for the specific programs can be found on the Web site.

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