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Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation




Founded by the former governor of Arkansas, the Foundation works to make a difference by helping to build and sustain the organizations that serve and strengthen Arkansas with an emphasis on closing the economic and educational gaps that leave too many Arkansas families in persistent poverty. The Foundation seeks to improve the lives of Arkansans through three inter-related areas: education, economic development, and economic, racial, and social justice. Education grants look to increase educational attainment, specifically high school, career education, and college graduation rates in Arkansas. Under the Increase Prosperity category, the Foundation seeks to reduce the number of Arkansas families living below 200 percent of the federal poverty line. Under the Strengthen Communities category, the Foundationís goal is to increase educational attainment and economic mobility in select communities in Arkansas. The category, Building the Nonprofit Infrastructure, seeks to show that strategic support and good grantmaking practices can help nonprofits achieve the Foundationís Moving the Needle goals and their missions. The Foundation emphasizes its efforts on people and communities with the least wealth and opportunity. Additional information including an online letter of intent can be found on the Web site.

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