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The Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the pharmaceutical Company, invites applications from nonprofits working in the areas of health and well-being, STEM education, and disaster relief. Health and Well-being grants support programs designed to improve the overall wellness of people in need. STEM education grants support education programs that inspire students, especially girls, to pursue careers in science-based industries. Funded programs should provide mentoring and hands-on experiences that help students cultivate their creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration and problem-solving skills. Disaster relief grants provides funds to programs that prepare and strengthen communities, including global collaboration with the Company’s regional Foundations to provide direct relief when a large-scale disaster strikes. Applicants must either have a national scope or be active in or around Northbrook, Il.; Skokie, Il.; Santa Monica, Calif.; Norman, Ok.; Washington DC; Toronto, Canada, and/or Latin America. Additional information including application instructions can be found on the Web site.

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