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The Organization is the only regional conservation organization with the sole focus on the conservation of the biodiversity in the Albertine Rift in Uganda. A United Kingdom charity with offices in Kampala, Uganda, the Network’s goal is to enhance conservation of critical ecosystems and promote sustainable development in the Rift through collaborative actions between regional partners. The Network’s Small Grants program seeks to enhance collaborative sustainable solutions for biodiversity and people, focusing on critical landscapes and watersheds of the Albertine Rift, the Great Lakes Region of East and Central Africa, and the African Mountains. Civil society organizations are invited to submit project proposals which contribute to achieving the program’s goals. Priority is given to proposals that focus on capacity building and institutional development; nature based community enterprises; ecosystem services and sustainable benefits; policy analysis and advocacy; climate change and community adaptation; natural resources management governance; awareness, knowledge, and information, and biodiversity threat mitigation. Government authorities and for-profit entities can’t apply but may participate as cooperative partners in the project or be part of a coalition where a civil society organization is the main applicant. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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