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The Whitehorse Foundation




The Foundation was established in 1990 as a supporting organization of The Seattle Foundation. The Foundationís mission is to fund organizations working to improve the quality of life for residents of Snohomish County, Washington. It supports nonprofits that work to improve the lives of children, youth, and families. Grantmaking is focused on the prevention and root causes of problems; programs that address many problems at once, rather than one at a time; programs that strengthen familiesí capacity to support, nurture, and guide their children; and promote responsible parenthood to improve childrenís emotional, economic, and social well-being. The Foundation is also interested in programs that enable families to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for self-sufficiency and those that involve families and community residents in program design, development, and management. Letters of inquiry can be submitted at any time. Grants are made for project support or ongoing operating support. Check the Web site for additional information on how to apply.

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