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Foundation For The Improvement Of Justice


Violence/Law/Criminal Justice


The Foundation was founded to improve local, state, and federal systems of justice. Its mission is to recognize innovative and effective works and/or programs whose efforts have made positive, influential differences in the United States criminal and civil judicial arenas. The Foundation’s intent is to encourage further improvement in the various systems of justice in the United States through both recognition and reward. Each year, the Foundation awards $10,000 to each of six nominees for justice-related programs that have proven to be effective and can serve as models for others. The award categories include the following: legal reform, crime prevention, child protection, speeding the process, effective restitution, crime victims’ rights, alternative sentencing, reducing recidivism, lowering the cost, and other significant efforts. The program is open to all individuals, programs, and organizations within the United States. Additional information including nomination guidelines can be found on the Web site.

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