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The Foundationís Frontiers of Knowledge and Culture Awards is one of the philanthropic activities of BBVA Group, a Spanish financial services firm. The Foundation engages in the promotion of research, advanced training and the transmission of scientific knowledge to society at large, focusing especially on the analysis of emerging issues in five strategic areas: Environment, Biomedicine and Health, Economy and Society, Basic Sciences and Technology, and Arts and Humanities. The Foundationís presiding values are scientific objectivity and independence in decision making, innovation, the pursuit of excellence, and an accent on the horizontal and global issues of the day. The Frontiers Award recognizes basic research and creative work of excellence as embedded in theoretical advances, models, and fundamental perspectives for an improved understanding of the natural, social, and artificial or technological worlds, technological innovations and developments, and the creation of outstanding works or new artistic or interpretative styles in contemporary classical music. Awards are granted in eight prize categories, spanning three domains: scientific and technological research; the creation, direction, or performance of works of contemporary classical music; and scientific research and/or projects that represent significant advances in two core concerns of the 21st century: climate change and development cooperation. In the scientific and technological research domain grants are awarded in the areas of basic sciences, biomedicine, ecology and conservation biology, information and communication technologies, and economics, finance, and management. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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