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Richard King Mellon Foundation




The Foundation invests in the competitive future and quality of life in Southwestern Pennsylvania and in the protection, preservation, and restoration of Americaís environmental heritage. Created in 1947 by the president and chairman of Mellon Bank, the Foundationís current giving priorities include regional economic development and conservation along with education, human services, and nonprofit capacity building. The Trustees have shown preference for supporting established organizations with specific objectives and for partnering with other donors rather than solely underwriting the entire cost of projects. Seeking to build a vibrant Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania, the Foundation invests in a broad range of economic development programs in the region. Environmental grants support the conservation of wildlife habitat, scenic vistas, and historic battlefields throughout the United States. Often working in partnership with state and local governments and conservation agencies, the Foundation has ensured the protection of more than 2 million acres of land at sites in all 50 states. Education and human services grants are committed to Southwestern Pennsylvania. All proposals must be accompanied by a complete application forms. Some additional information can be found on the Web site.

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