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The Foundation, formed from the estate of the pioneer of the leveraged buyout industry, awards grants in the arts, education, and human services to Los Angeles-based organizations. Arts grants support institutions that focus on arts outreach and education. Priority is given to those institutions that promote the expansion of community arts programs and/or support youth and adult creativity in their regular schedules. Education grants support a variety of educational programs in both public and private schools and after-school facilities in an effort to effect positive change in communities throughout LA. Priority is given to those institutions that: strive to solve existing problems of juvenile delinquency, gang life, and drugs; work to expand educational programs for youth and/or adults; encourage the use of technology in youth and/or adult learning; and promote artistic endeavors including the visual and performing arts. Human services grants focus on institutions that provide hope and support to those least able to help themselves as well as the general community. These include children, adolescents, the elderly, homeless, and families who struggle with domestic abuse. The Foundation does not accept unsolicited full grant proposals. Those applying for grants must follow the guidelines outlined on the Web site.

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