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The Farrell Family Foundation




The Foundation was formed in 2001 from a gift from Dr. Peter C. Farrell, founder, chairman, and CEO of ResMed. The Foundation focuses its grantmaking on three areas: education with an emphasis on technology, health and human welfare, and the arts. Education grants will be made to post-secondary education institutions as well as secondary schools oriented toward technology. Ideally, the recipients will serve underprivileged children who have the capability but not the resources to reach their full potential. Health and human welfare grants are awarded to organizations serving the underprivileged that require a helping hand to get them out of difficulty, but have the desire and will to eventually become independent and productive citizens. Arts grants support organizations that provide quality in their projections/exhibitions, access to the entire community, and strong outreach and educational programs. Priority is given to organizations/programs that have clarity of purpose, a potential for success, stable leadership, financial stability, and the capability for measurements and results. Some additional information can be found on the Web site.

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