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The Foundation invests in direct-service organizations that help economically disadvantaged young people in the United States who range in age from 9 to 24. Direct service organizations should help youth improve their educational skills and achievements; prepare for the world of work so they can find and hold jobs and achieve economic self-sufficiency; and avoid irresponsible and unproductive behaviors such as teen pregnancy and illegal activities. Preference is given to organizations that serve the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach youth, those that are least likely to succeed without help. In addition to being poor, these youth have dropped out of school or are close to trying to do so; are out of school and out of work; are involved in or exiting the juvenile justice system; are involved in or transitioning out of foster care; and/or are engaged in or in danger of engaging in risky behaviors that can derail already troubled lives. Organizations wishing to be considered for a grant must be a stand-alone nonprofit with a history of service to young people, ages 9-24, from low-income communities in the United States and be financially viable with a budget greater than $1 million. Instead of submitting unsolicited proposals or letters of inquiry, the Foundation invites youth-serving nonprofits to share information about their organizations on the Foundationís Youth Organizations Survey Form found on the Web site.

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