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The Rees-jones Foundation




The Foundationís mission is to provide support and funding for programs that will help improve in tangible ways the quality of life and life circumstances of the people it serves. The Foundation funds a range of critical need areas that are important to bringing wholeness to the lives of people and developing strong communities in North Texas. Priority is given to issues in community improvement, education, human services, medical care services, mental health services, and youth programs. Community improvement grants seek to reverse poverty and decay and instill a sense of ownership and hope among those living in the communities served. Some funded areas include affordable housing, leadership development, public safety, job training, and economic development. Education grants provide assistance to organizations that connect children from low-income families and children with disabilities to programs that offer a range of quality education opportunities, including tuition assistance programs and programs to equip parents and teachers. Human services grants support organizations that provide essential human services and compassionate care to those who have experienced abuse or neglect, homelessness, hunger, physical or mental disability, grief and substance abuse. Medical care services grants support organizations that strive to provide health care services for underserved populations particularly chronically or terminally ill children, children with disabilities, or children experiencing abuse or neglect, by increasing capacity, expanding existing networks, and developing affordable opportunities to access preventative and specialized care for these groups. Mental health grants promote the awareness of mental health needs and increase access to the mental health care system by supporting advocacy organizations and organizations that provide therapy services and preventative care to underserved children and adults. Youth program grants support youth organizations providing children with positive environments in which to learn and grow, including projects that connect underserved children and children with special needs to effective education support, adult role models and mentors, out-of-school programming, enrichment opportunities and summer camps. Additional information including an online application can be found on the Web site.

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