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The Foundation focuses its grantmaking on areas that have a direct effect on the stability of communities and in turn, contribute to the success of its business operations in those areas. The Foundation supports nonprofits in the communities that the Company serves in eastern Kentucky, western Pennsylvania, and the states of Virginia, and West Virginia. Priority is given to programs that address education, community, environment, and arts and culture. Education grants focus on providing economically disadvantaged students with greater access to programs that enhance proficiency in core academic skills. Community grants promote the development of livable communities that can attract residential and commercial growth and sustain a healthy local economy. Environmental grants support the preservation of local natural resources as well as activities to minimize adverse effects on the environment. Arts and culture grants support initiatives that are designed to give economically disadvantaged youth more exposure to artistic programming, or that promote expanded awareness of the diverse culture and heritage of the regions where the Company operates. In awarding grants, the Foundation seeks evidence of collaboration with other community agencies to maximize the number of people who benefit from their activities; the ability to manage available resources effectively; and the ability to gain solid public recognition and support for themselves, their program, and their sponsors. Additional information including an online application can be found on the Web site.

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