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The Foundation is dedicated to a sustainable environment, making grants to nonprofits that work to promote ecological sustainability. Through the Foundationís environment program, it supports organizations that are working to establish healthy, sustainable relationships between humans and the ecological systems that support life on earth. Of particular interest are organizations that actively engage the American population in efforts to preserve biological diversity and to challenge and reverse the unsustainable ways that natural resources are currently managed and consumed. Most of the Foundationís grants are awarded to work focused within the state of Maryland, work that aspires to national impact, or work thatís focused on the Southern Appalachian National Forests. The Foundationís Maryland portfolio has two primary foci: statewide environmental advocacy and programs that promote ecologically sustainable policies and practices on the Eastern Shore. Within both areas, the Foundation has a strong interest in helping to restore and protect the Chesapeake Bay. The Foundationís national focus is on programs and organizations that strengthen the environmental movement generally, and programs and organizations that are working to reduce the pressure on forests from the paper products industry. While the Foundation does continue to support work that strengthens the environmental movement generally, this is no longer a primary focus area for them. The Foundation also has a small set of long-standing grantees that work to protect national forests within the Southern Appalachian region. It has not, in recent years, been adding new grantees in this area. But the Foundation has occasionally made grants to organizations that are working in Chesapeake Bay Watershed states other than Maryland, usually Virginia or Washington, D.C. New applicants are asked to submit a letter of inquiry. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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