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Constellation Energy




As the nationís first gas light utility, the Company has evolved into one of the largest and most innovative energy companies in America. The Companyís grantmaking is focused on environmental stewardship. Itís EcoStar Grant program was launched in January 2010 and grantmaking targets one or more of five stewardship categories: pollution prevention, education and outreach, energy efficiency, conservation, and community action. Pollution prevention grants support activities such as recycling projects and drop-off collection events; tree plantings and maintenance; and litter reduction. Education grants support workshops, seminars, training and/or public relations to inform and influence the public regarding environmental stewardship. Energy efficiency grants fund projects and/or partnerships that support large- and small-scale energy conservation measures. Conservation grants are awarded for wetlands restoration and wildlife habitat protection. Community activism grants support neighborhood and park cleanups as well as creating public green spaces, community gardens, and urban forests. Additional information can be found on the Web site. Funded projects must be located geographically within the region where Constellation Energy does business (the continental states with the exceptions of Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, and Wyoming).

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