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Bechtel Group Foundation




The Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the engineering, construction, and project management Company. Giving is earmarked for four programs: building positive community relationships; improving the pipeline of engineering and construction talent; Bechtel Global Scholars; and matching gifts. Community relationship grants support educational, civic and cultural, and social service programs in the communities that host major Bechtel offices and projects around the world. These grants are typically under $5,000. Improving the pipeline grants are made as part of the Companyís support of university-level education. Grants provide scholarships and other support to business, technical, and engineering programs at universities worldwide. Global scholar grants provide one-time scholarships of $3,000 to the children of Bechtel employees worldwide. Matching gifts offer a dollar-for-dollar match up to $1,000 annually for the contributions employees make to U.S. universities. All grants are initiated internally by Bechtelís office and project managers. Some additional information can be found on the Web site.

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