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The Maine Steeples Project is a collaboration between the Foundation, Maine Preservation, and a donor-advised fund at the Foundation. The Project supports local efforts to assess and restore church steeples of historic, cultural, and community significance to cities and towns located in Maine by matching local resources devoted to restoring steeples. Qualifying applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria: steeples must be part of a building thatís an active or former church with historic, cultural, and community significance; be in need of restoration and/or repair; be located in a Maine township or municipality with fewer than 50,000 people; and be owned by a religious institutions and/or a local nonprofit organization or municipality. The churchís congregation or organizationís membership must be prepared to match grant dollars received within a specific time period and maintain the steeple after restoration. Applicants may apply for either assessment grants or restoration grants. Additional information is available on the Web site.

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