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The Heckscher Foundation For Children




Founded in 1921 to promote the welfare of children primarily in New York City, the Foundation funds organizations serving youth in the areas of education, family services, job training, health, arts, and recreation. Education and academic support is targeted toward superior public, private, parochial, and alternative schools as well as those that prepare students for success as they transition from one school or academic level to another. Arts funding supports classroom projects and collaborations between arts organizations and schools. Social services grants work to “level the playing field” for needy youth. Programs address soft skills (resilience, independence, problem solving) with the acquisition of hard skills. Health grants support education access for young people with physical challenges as well as recreational opportunities such as camping. Recreation grants support increasing access to recreation and camping programs. Priority is given to those that use sports or other physical activities as a “hook” to initiate interest in academics, college, or careers. Workforce development grants support programs that operate within a youth development framework and must demonstrate concrete outcomes such as increased job readiness, gainful employment, employment retention, and/or job opportunities for young people. The Foundation accepts online applications only. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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