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Sarah K. De Coziart Article Tenth Perpetual Charitable Trust




The Foundation, established in 1992 under the will of Sarah De Coziart, focuses its grantmaking on two areas: environment and species conservation, and blindness-related services and research. Environmental grants support projects that include addressing environmental hazards, wildlife conservation, protection of ecologically important areas, and land use policy. Land use policy grants may include preserving parks and open space in urban areas or analyses of environmental problems associated with sprawl. Grants in this category will focus exclusively on project support. Multi-year commitments will be considered. Priority will be given to projects focused on the tri-state area New England. Blindness and vision impairment grants focus on a broad range of services and research. Service-related grants may include expansion of existing services, implementation of new efforts, and improvements of infrastructure to facilitate services. Priority will be given to programs serving the New York metropolitan area. Grants are made twice a year in January and July. Additional information including an online application can be found on the Web site.

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