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The Foundation focuses its grantmaking on five areas: opportunities for youth; science and the environment; healthcare; services for the elderly and disabled; and community culture. Youth opportunity grants are awarded as strategic investments in young people to help them achieve their potential and equip them for tomorrow’s challenges. Science and environment grants protect and enhance the world by supporting scientific research and education as well as sustainable or remedial environmental policy. Healthcare grants continue the long-term tradition of the Gamble family, the Foundation’s founders, by supporting local healthcare institutions. Elderly and disabled grants support the philosophy that the health of a society is reflected in its quality of care and respect for the elderly and disabled. Community culture grants support local arts and historical institutions as a way of enhancing the vibrancy of the supported communities. The Foundation gives preference to organizations in San Francisco and the Bay Area, the San Gabriel Valley, and Little Traverse, Michigan. The Foundation is particularly interested in projects that relate to more than one category. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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