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The Peacock Foundation




The Foundationís mission is to enhance and promote the good health and well being of children, families, and underprivileged individuals in Southeast Florida. The Board is committed to the founderís philosophies regarding the importance of strong values and moral character, of achieving self-sufficiency and in turn, helping others, and of being fiscally responsible stewards of philanthropic funds. Funding priorities include human services providers that promote youth development; assist abused or neglected children, women, and the elderly; and those that seek to reduce abuse, prevent homelessness, and end hunger in the community. Also of interest are educational programs in the arts and the environment, as well as special education for disabled people. The Foundation also contributes to medical research, health care organizations, and hospitals. It does not contribute funds to religious organizations unless theyíre engaged in a significant project benefiting the entire community, capital campaigns, construction, or renovation projects, and special events or athletic events. There is no deadline for inquiries. The Foundation is unable to respond to telephone inquiries, faxes, or e-mail inquiries. Additional information is available on the Web site.

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