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Trust For Mutual Understanding




The Trust makes grants to American nonprofits to support the international travel component of cultural and environmental exchanges conducted in partnership with institutions and individuals in Russia, and Eastern and Central Europe. Priority is given to projects in which direct, professional interaction plays a major role. Approximately two-thirds of the Trustís awards support the international travel component of exchanges in the visual and performing arts and one-third of the awards support international travel involved in exchanges in environmental conservation. Activities eligible to receive international travel assistance are advanced training programs, workshops, conferences, seminars, joint research projects, and exchanges intended to aid organizations in the region seeking to achieve greater institutional stability. The Trust also funds international travel costs associated with creative artistic collaborations, curatorial research projects, performances given in conjunction with lecture/demonstrations and/or workshops, conservation and historic preservation projects, arts management programs, and cultural documentation activities. Under the environmental category, the Trust funds ecosystem and habitat conservation programs, land use planning projects, activities that facilitate more effective international contact between environmental organizations, measures designed to preserve biodiversity, and efforts to encourage environmental sustainability. The Trust does not support one-person exhibitions of work by living artists, solo performance tours, or fellowships for individual research or academic study. It also does not provide retroactive funding for project expenses already incurred. Additional information is available on the Web site.

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