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Hatton W. Sumners Foundation For The Study And Teaching Of Self Government, Inc




The Foundationís mission is to encourage the study, teaching, and research in the science and art of self-government. The Foundation seeks to have American citizens understand the fundamental principles of democracy so they can help shape governmental policies. Grants are awarded to programs and activities that will result in an increased understanding of the benefits of individual freedom and civic and personal responsibility and the corresponding threat to liberty posed by a lack of informed, active participation by citizens at all levels of government. Much of the funding is awarded for undergraduate and graduate scholarships as well as programs and activities that provide personal involvement in the political process and functions of government. The Foundation also supports lecture series, seminars, academic contests, and other educational programs for young people, educators, professionals, and other society leaders on the relevant principles of American democratic self-government. The Foundation supports organizations in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. A summary grant application form is found on the Web site.

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