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Bjh Foundation For Senior Services




The Foundationís mission is to enhance the lives of Jewish seniors residing in North and South Carolina. It does this by distributing grants to organizations providing activities, services, and programs for the elderly in accordance with Jewish values and beliefs. Grants are awarded to meet a variety of physical, mental, and social needs of Jewish seniors. Preference is given to funding organizations and programs that identify and strive to reach new groups of Jewish elderly who may be underserved, for example, the isolated, indigent, and the infirm who may reside at home or in a facility. Also of interest are programs that reach a broader geographical segment of Jewish elderly in both states, demonstrate impact on the quality of life of seniors, seek matching grants from other groups or contribute their own funds to share the costs of the services or programs, and serve a significant number of Jewish seniors to maximize the Foundationís investment. Grant priority areas are healthy aging; preservation of Jewish culture, traditions, beliefs, and values; meal/fellowship/social programs, new and/or existing, designed specifically for Jewish elderly; and access/choice programs that improve health and well being. Additional information is available on the Web site.

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