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The Foundation supports programs that offer opportunities to the disadvantaged, strengthen the bond of families, and improve people’s lives. As a general rule, the Foundation funds nonprofits that serve the greater Chicago area as well as nonprofits that serve the broader Jewish community. Special emphasis is placed on programs offering assistance to the disenfranchised, promoting Jewish education, fortifying the family unit, strengthening Jewish culture, identity, and tradition, and assisting people in transition. The Foundation also supports philanthropic groups that serve Chicago’s most vulnerable residents. Grants are targeted at programs and projects in arts and culture, civic affairs, education, health, and human services. Grants are not made to organizations with budgets under $200,000. Particular consideration is given to projects that promise demonstrable long-range benefits and that include an evaluation plan, and have the potential to attract support from a broad base of philanthropic sources. Letters of inquiry are requested. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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