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National Endowment For The Humanities




The NEH’s Emergency Flood Assistance grants will provide up to $1 million in disaster recovery assistance to libraries, museums, colleges, universities, and other cultural and historical institutions in the Midwest affected by the 2008 summer floods. The grants seek to ensure the survival of significant collections of the country’s cultural heritage threatened by the flooding. Affected institutions in federally designated disaster areas may apply immediately for emergency grants of up to $20,000 to salvage, protect, and treat historical collections damaged by the floods. Collections may be comprised of manuscripts, historical records, art and artifacts, recorded sound, film and videotape, rare books, photographs, and other materials of historic or cultural significance. Grants will also be awarded to NEH-affiliated state humanities councils in affected states to help them assess the extent of the damage to collections and advise on treatment. Grants to the council can assist in the removal of collections to climate-controlled storage and the freeze-drying of wet, paper-based materials. Grants can also be used to purchase fans, dehumidifiers, and salvage supplies; for the conservation treatment of collection materials; and similar preservation efforts. A list of federally designated disaster areas is available on the Web site.

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