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Mcgowan Charitable Fund




This family foundation, named for the founder of telecommunications giant MCI, promotes, nurtures, and funds promising programs that develop the gifts and talents of the very young, address health care and medical science research, and create educational opportunities. Grants to develop the gifts and talents of the very young are targeted toward those who have been disenfranchised by low-income status, inner city conditions, or family situations regardless of race, creed, color, gender, or national origin. Also of interest are projects that address the needs of both the young and adults who have physical or mental disabilities that require assistance to develop their full capacities. The Fund prefers locally based and operated organizations. Funding for selected areas of medical research is directed toward finding cures for, or relieving the pain and suffering of those afflicted with debilitating conditions or diseases. The McGowan Scholars program supports students interested in pursuing an undergraduate or graduate business school degree. The Board considers grant requests at three sessions during the year. The Fund restricts its grantmaking to organizations in Northeast Pennsylvania, Colorado, Nevada, Illinois, Western and Upstate New York, Kansas, and the District of Columbia. Additional information including an online application is available on the Web site.

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