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Tufts Health Plan Foundation




The Foundation is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and the delivery of quality health care throughout the state of Massachusetts. Particular interest is given to community-based programs and activities that, within the Foundationís mission, improve health and welfare in Massachusetts communities. The Foundationís 2008 focus is on Disparities, Nursing Faculty Education, and Health Consumer Education. Disparities grants focus on programs that address the delivery of high-quality health care to all individuals regardless of race or ethnicity and focusing on educating both the provider and the patient. Nursing Faculty Education grants target programs designed to increase the number of qualified advanced-degree nurse educators to teach nursing students. Health Consumer Education grants are awarded for programs that provide resources to consumers to help them evaluate the quality and cost of health care (health literacy), how to navigate the healthcare system, and healthy lifestyle alternatives. Applicants are asked to take an eligibility quiz to quality to submit a letter of inquiry. The letter of inquiry will be used to determine whether the applicant will be invited to submit a full proposal. Additional information is available on the Web site.

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