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May-Jun 2011  Why Invest in Brand? And Where Should You Begin? Weisnewski, Mary 
May-Jun 2011  Before You Plan Where to Go, Find Out Where You Are* Mitchell, Mark and Thomas J. Anderson 
May-Jun 2011  Planning to Succeed: Creating a Succession Plan Rosenwald, Priscilla 
Jul-Aug 2011  Creating a Climate for Innovation* Knapp, Don 
Jul-Aug 2011  The Real Secret: Moving Beyond the Law of Attraction Lemberg, Paul 
Jul-Aug 2011  How to Present Training Workshops that Educate and Inspire Huynh, Vi 
Jul-Aug 2011  Strategic Planning That Works* Thompson, Debra 
Jul-Aug 2011  Why Your Employees are Losing Motivation - and What to Do about It Sirota, David, Louis A. Mischkind and Michael Irwin Meltzer 
Jul-Aug 2011  The Night Your Nonprofit Died Glasrud, Bruce 
Sep-Oct 2011  Are You Walking Your Walk? Rate Yourself with This Easy-to-Use Grid Mitchell, Mark, et. al. 

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