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Nov-Dec 2010

Can Nonprofit Workers Expect Raises?

Temkin, Terrie

What salary increases are in the cards?

Nov-Dec 2010

Keeping Your Best & Brightest Workers

Everton, Wendi

First understand why they leave. Then use these tips to make sure they stay.

Jul-Aug 2009

Survey Reveals Nonprofit Salaries

Muehrcke, Jill

How does your compensation compare?

Sep-Oct 2009

Nonprofit Compensation: To Pay or Not to Pay?

Ronza, Peter

Does your total-reward program ensure your organization has the talent it needs?

Sep-Oct 2009

How to Tell Your Volunteers Good-bye*

Fox, Mark & Lindsay Sheehan

You can make it a constructive experience for everyone involved.

Sep-Oct 2009

Work with the Best: How to Find the Employees You Need

Froschheiser, Lee

To avoid staff turnover, try this proactive approach.

Sep-Oct 2009

Can You Save Money by Using Volunteers Rather than Paid Staff?*

Ellis, Susan

Is replacing paid staff with volunteers a good way to cope with budget cuts?

Nov-Dec 2009

Add Energy & Diversity to Your Organization with Interns

Barton, Erica

Here's a great way to put new life into your organization.

Nov-Dec 2009

How Effective Are Your Human-Resource Practices?

Armache, Jalal

When you invest in people, the returns will more than justify any costs. Follow these seven steps for success.

Jan-Feb 2008

Do You Need a Grievance Policy?

Vogel, Jeane

Should a small nonprofit have a grievance policy?

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