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Mar-Apr 2010

I've Been Thinking about ... Maximizing Volunteer Participation

Golensky, Martha

Are you making the best use of volunteers? Is it worth it to accomodate those who can participate only in a limited way?

Nov-Dec 2010

Can Nonprofit Workers Expect Raises?

Temkin, Terrie

What salary increases are in the cards?

Nov-Dec 2010

Keeping Your Best & Brightest Workers

Everton, Wendi

First understand why they leave. Then use these tips to make sure they stay.

Jul-Aug 2009

Survey Reveals Nonprofit Salaries

Muehrcke, Jill

How does your compensation compare?

Sep-Oct 2009

Nonprofit Compensation: To Pay or Not to Pay?

Ronza, Peter

Does your total-reward program ensure your organization has the talent it needs?

Sep-Oct 2009

How to Tell Your Volunteers Good-bye*

Fox, Mark & Lindsay Sheehan

You can make it a constructive experience for everyone involved.

Sep-Oct 2009

Work with the Best: How to Find the Employees You Need

Froschheiser, Lee

To avoid staff turnover, try this proactive approach.

Sep-Oct 2009

Can You Save Money by Using Volunteers Rather than Paid Staff?*

Ellis, Susan

Is replacing paid staff with volunteers a good way to cope with budget cuts?

Nov-Dec 2009

Add Energy & Diversity to Your Organization with Interns

Barton, Erica

Here's a great way to put new life into your organization.

Nov-Dec 2009

How Effective Are Your Human-Resource Practices?

Armache, Jalal

When you invest in people, the returns will more than justify any costs. Follow these seven steps for success.

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