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Nonprofit World Articles: Communications, PR & Marketing

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Jan-Feb 2004  Internal Marketing: Key to Successful Volunteer Programs* Mitchell, Mark Andrew & S Taylor 
Mar-Apr 2004  Success Starts with Your Name Murley, Kevin 
Jul-Aug 2004  When You're Forced to Say "No Comment" Jampole, Marc 
Jul-Aug 2004  Should You Use Your Full Name or an Acronym Fox, Karen 
Nov-Dec 2004  The New Marketing Model for Nonprofits Bhagat, Vinay 
Jan-Feb 2002  Brands: They Need to Work Just as Hard as you Do* Bosc, Joyce 
Mar-Apr 2002  No Time? Not Enough Staff? Make Phone System Work Harder Santeusanio, Peter 
Jan-Feb 2001  NP Marketing: How Far Has It Come? Akchin, Don 
May-Jun 2001  Quick & Dirty Research* Akchin, Don 
Sep-Oct 2001  A New View of Marketing: Six Ways to Spread Your Message Rowley, Jennifer 

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