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Jan-Feb 2013

How to Publicize Your Organization on a Small Budget

Oliver, Erika K.

You don't need lots of money to spread the word about your organization's cause.

Mar-Apr 2013

Can You Partner with a For-Profit Company?

Kramer, Don

What are the pitfalls?

Mar-Apr 2013

Show Me the Need

McDaniel, Elizabeth

Cut through jargon and political correctness to convey real need to donors.

Jul-Aug 2013

How to Turn a Memory into Support

Eber Davis, Karen

People love ceremony. Raise money by encouraging them to celebrate with you.

Jan-Feb 2012

I've Been Thinking about?Branding

Golensky, Martha

What's in a name? Under what circumstances should a nonprofit, especially one with a rich history, consider a name change?

Sep-Oct 2012

Writing Well by Doing Less: A Five-Step Plan

Salaj, Tijana

Become the go-to authority people turn to every time.

Nov-Dec 2012

Take a Marketing Field Trip

Fox, Karen F.A.

A field trip through your organization can open your eyes

Jan-Feb 2011

How to Fix Communication Breakdowns*

Graham Scott, Gini

A great leader is a great communicator. Here's the place to begin.

Mar-Apr 2011

Three Things to Do with Old Marketing and Fundraising Materials*

Fogel, Elaine

When it's time to create new materials, here's how to big the old ones good-bye.

Sep-Oct 2011

Top Tips for Writing Your Policies

Carstairs, John

It's vital for everyone in your organization to understand your policies. So do away with legalese, and make your policies crystal clear. Here's how.

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