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Jan-Feb 1999  Telling the Story: Exploring Clients' Lives Biondi, Colleen & S. Stevens 
Jan-Feb 1999  Bring World to Door: International Volunteers Ellis, Susan 
Mar-Apr 1999  Opinion Surveys Uncover Cultural Preferences* Coolsen, Peter 
Mar-Apr 1999  Why Ethics Tools Don't Work Schaefer, Arthur & A Zaller 
May-Jun 1999  Test your Board's Global IQ Vartorella, William 
Jul-Aug 1999  Use Campaigning to Win Support Brannen, Paul 
Jul-Aug 1999  Here Comes Your 21st Century Workforce! Glasrud, Bruce 
Sep-Oct 1999  Beyond Database: Future of NP Computing Glasrud, Bruce 
Nov-Dec 1999  The Dark Side of Collaboration Glasrud, Bruce 
Nov-Dec 1999  Millennium Sellout or Celebration? McCurry, Patrick 

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