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Jul-Aug 2002  How to Have an Audit without Breaking the Bank* O'Reilly-Allen, Margaret 
Sep-Oct 2002  Is That Expense Justified?* Bauer, Daniel & Richardson, K. 
Sep-Oct 2002  Credit Cards for Conferences --- 
Nov-Dec 2002  How Responsible Is Your Investing? Thompson, Maria 
May-Jun 2001  Making the Accounting Software Decision* Frey, Don 
Sep-Oct 2001  Analyze Your Finances to Ensure Your Mission* Little, H. Breckenridge 
Jan-Feb 1999  Are You Fulfilling Financial Trust?* Ruiz, Rosemarie 
Jul-Aug 1999  Protecting Your Org. Against Financial Misuse* Goehner, Del 
May-Jun 1998  Setting Up a Control System Sopher, Marti 
Sep-Oct 1998  Reduce Your Losses from Errors & Fraud Lambert, Joyce, Main, Lambert 

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