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Jan-Feb 1994  Fostering Innovation & Growth Jones, R. & D. Easie 
Jan-Feb 1994  Demystifying the Mission Statement Vogt, Jean 
Mar-Apr 1994  Building Coalitions Birenbaum, Arnold 
Mar-Apr 1994  How to Keep Your Plan Off the Shelf Lauer, Larry 
May-Jun 1994  Evaluating Nonprofit Programs: Now It's Essential Dixon, Greta K. Marie 
May-Jun 1994  How to Improve Internal Communications: NP Guidelines Lauer, Larry 
Jul-Aug 1994  What You Should Know About Nonprofit Mergers Hodgkin, Christopher 
Jul-Aug 1994  How to Create Powerful Partnerships --- 
Sep-Oct 1994  Ideas for Evaluating Your Programs Dixon, Greta K. Marie 
Sep-Oct 1994  NP Leadership: New Skills Are Needed Temkin, Terrie 

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