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Oct-Dec 2016  What's Your Color? Muehrcke, Jill 
Oct-Dec 2016  Two Big Questions about You Russell, Max T. 
Jul-Sep 2016  Moving Up: Can Seconds-in-Command Make the Transition from Manager to Leader? Santora, Joseph C., & Gil Bozer 
Jul-Sep 2016  How Changing Your Lenses Will Strengthen Your Leadership Kaipa, Prasad & Navi Radjou 
Apr-Jun 2016  TRUST - The Ultimate Value Rafe, Stephen C. 
Apr-Jun 2016  To Gain Passionate Supporters, Try a Fantasy Camp Mitchell, Mark & Emily Barrow 
Jan-Mar 2016  The Best Leaders Are Change Agents Ritter, Carol S. 
Jan-Mar 2016  Do You Want to Change the World? Eber Davis, Karen 
Oct-Dec 2015  Determining the Value of Your Collaborations Roberts, Joan 
Jul-Sep 2015  Do You Need Insurance? Kramer, Don 

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