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May-Jun 1998  Executive Transitions: Hos Boards & Execs Create Future Adams, Tom 
Jul-Aug 1998  Is Your Organization a Pacesetter? Gifford, Gayle 
Jul-Aug 1998  Back to School: Certificate Program Unveiled Muehrcke, Jill 
Jul-Aug 1998  Ready to Erupt: Coalitions & Lead Agencies Novik, Neil 
Sep-Oct 1998  How Are NPs Using Strategic Planning? King, Karen N. 
Sep-Oct 1998  Pool Resources for Success* Remley, Dirk 
Nov-Dec 1998  In Search of the Balanced Leader Jenson, Donna 
Nov-Dec 1998  Founder's Syndrome* McNamara, Carter 
Jan-Feb 1997  Six Steps to Good-Reputation Insurance Clary, Diana H. 
Jan-Feb 1997  Journey into New Sector: Notes from Belarus Levchenko, Yelena 

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