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May-Jun 1999  101 Things to Do Before the New Millennium* Muehrcke, Jill 
May-Jun 1999  Is Your Org an Opportunist?* Vanden Berk Kathryn Collins 
Jul-Aug 1999  Is Outcome Measurement Dead? Vogt, Jean 
Sep-Oct 1999  Do You Need a Coach? Adams, Tom 
Sep-Oct 1999  Earn People's Loyalty: Here's How* Tucker, Robert 
Sep-Oct 1999  Five Steps to Start Measuring Outcomes Vogt, Jean 
Nov-Dec 1999  Build the Latest Trends into Your Planning* O'Neil, Michael 
Nov-Dec 1999  In Search of White Knight: Finding Perfect Consultant Temkin, Terrie 
Nov-Dec 1999  Developing Your Outcome Measures* Vogt, Jean 
Jan-Feb 1998  Learn, Grow & Change: Adapting Service Orgs Coolsen, Peter & Leigh Wintz 

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