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Jul-Aug 1989  24 Steps to Better Direct Mail Fundraising Clark, Constance 
Sep-Oct 1989  The 12 Worst Fundraising Errors: How to Avoid Them Lant, Jeffrey 
Nov-Dec 1989  Cultivating Your Major Donors Meyer, Dennis 
Jan-Feb 1988  The First Capital Campaign Caeser, Patricia 
Mar-Apr 1988  How to Attract & Retain The Best Development Staff Staecker, Delmar 
May-Jun 1988  Using the Arts as a Fundraising Tool Noe, Victoria 
Jul-Aug 1988  Major Gifts: Building an Effective Program Walker, Robert & Drew Bennett 
Sep-Oct 1988  If You Do Not Have a Planned Giving Program Ashton, Debra 
Sep-Oct 1988  Correcting Fundraising "Errors" Head, Lonny 
Sep-Oct 1988  Court Defines Charitable "Gift" Hopkins, Bruce 

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