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May-Jun 1987  Income from Journal Tax-Exempt? --- 
Jul-Aug 1987  Proposed Model Act: Brave New World for Nonprofits Conroy, David 
Jul-Aug 1987  FR Model Law: Problems & Opportunities Hopkins, Bruce 
Jul-Aug 1987  IRS & Vows of Poverty Lane, Marc 
Sep-Oct 1987  Hearings on Nonprofit Competition Hopkins, Bruce 
Nov-Dec 1987  More on Competition Hearings Hopkins, Bruce 
Nov-Dec 1987  Renting Buildings to Parent Organizations Lane, Marc 
Jan-Feb 1986  Nonprofits' Future Dictated by Commercialism Hopkins, Bruce 
Mar-Apr 1986  Disturbing New Legal Criteria for Nonprofits Hopkins, Bruce 
May-Jun 1986  Committee to Examine NP Commercialism Hopkins, Bruce 

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