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Nonprofit World Articles: Law & Taxation

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Jan-Feb 1990  The Liability Insurance Maze: There is a Way Out McLaughlin, Thomas 
Mar-Apr 1990  Court Defines Charitable Gift Hopkins, Bruce 
Mar-Apr 1990  Guarding the Contractor Relationship Lane, Marc 
May-Jun 1990  What Organizations Can We Join? Gesbeck, Howard 
May-Jun 1990  How We Can Shape the Changes to Come Hopkins, Bruce 
Jul-Aug 1990  Over-Regulation Frustrates Fundraisers Hopkins, Bruce 
Jul-Aug 1990  Exempt Status Options: Which Is Best? Lane, Marc 
Sep-Oct 1990  New Lobbying Requirements Imposed on Federal Grantees Lovitky, Jeffry 
Nov-Dec 1990  Can a Nonprofit's Ad Income Be Taxed? Hopkins, Bruce 
Nov-Dec 1990  How Much May Donors Deduct? --- 

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