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Nonprofit World Articles: Law & Taxation

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Mar-Apr 1991  Income from Mailing List Rentals No Longer Taxable English, Denise 
Mar-Apr 1991  Tax Consequence of Charitable Giving Jordon, Ronald & Katelyn Quynn 
May-Jun 1991  Get Ready to Confront the Commerciality Doctrine Hopkins, Bruce 
May-Jun 1991  May We Say Donations Are Deductible? --- 
Jul-Aug 1991  What Are We Doing to Protect Our Volunteers from Lawsuits? Kahn, Jeffrey 
Jul-Aug 1991  Challenges to Nonprofits' Tax Status: Is There Cause for... Lane, Marc 
Sep-Oct 1991  New Rules Needed for Deferred Gifts? Lochray, Paul 
Nov-Dec 1991  Lobby? You? --- 
Jan-Feb 1990  Nonprofits & the Law: Something Is Brewing Hopkins, Bruce 
Jan-Feb 1990  Could Bonuses Jeopardize Tax-Exempt Status? Levinson, David 

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