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Jan-Feb 1996  The Care & Nurturing of Corporate Friends* Weisman, Carol 
Mar-Apr 1996  Planned Giving with Gift Annuities Behan, Donald 
May-Jun 1996  How to Alienate a Good Donor Dalluge, Harlan 
May-Jun 1996  What Makes Foundations Different?* Lisa Wyatt Knowlton 
Jul-Aug 1996  Should Famous Person Chair Fund Drive? Bender, Jodi 
Jul-Aug 1996  Should CEO Be Involved with Fundraising? Harrison, Bill J. 
Sep-Oct 1996  Relationship Marketing: Guaranteeing the Future Remley, Dirk 
Sep-Oct 1996  Should Exec Directors Donate to their Organizations?* Staecker, Del 
Nov-Dec 1996  Put Gov. on a Tax Diet with a CRT Lang, John 
Jan-Feb 1995  10 Key Steps to Continued Contributions Simsarian, Astrid 

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