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Mar-Apr 1999

How Big a Gift Should you Ask For?

Warwick, Mal

May-Jun 1999

Asking for Money

Alford, Jimmie

Jul-Aug 1999

Use Campaigning to Win Support

Brannen, Paul

Jul-Aug 1999

Fundraising on the Internet: 3 Easy Strategies

Frenza, JP & Leslie Hoffman

Jul-Aug 1999

Are Bazaar Payments Tax-Deductible

McAllister, Pamela

Jul-Aug 1999

Top 55 Fundraising Excuses*

Paul, John

Nov-Dec 1999

Are You Giving Donors Proper Receipts?

McAllister, Pamela

Jan-Feb 1998

Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth: Gifts of Property

Solender, Elizabeth & Krause,

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