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Sep-Oct 1998  Are We Talking to Ourselves? Smith, George 
Nov-Dec 1998  New Rules for Reporting FR Costs* Harr, David & Robert Frank 
Nov-Dec 1998  Twelve Ways to Say Thank You Robinson, Andy 
Jan-Feb 1997  Board & Staff Consensus: Powerful FR Tool Vartorella, William F. 
Mar-Apr 1997  Using Volunteers to Beat Telemarketing Ripoffs Remley, Dirk 
May-Jun 1997  How Can You Collect Delinquent Pledges? Harrison, Bill 
May-Jun 1997  Two Keys to Successful Grant Proposals Remley, Dirk 
Jul-Aug 1997  Selling Business on Benefits of CRM Ptacek, Joseph & Salazar, Gina 
Sep-Oct 1997  Fourteen Hot Tips for Capital Campaign Success Caesar, Patricia 
Nov-Dec 1997  Will New Accounting Rule Doom Fundraising?* Johnsen, David 

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