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Mar-Apr 1992  Choosing the CEO: Six Biggest Mistakes Peck, David 
Jul-Aug 1992  When Owners Are Customers Carver, John 
Sep-Oct 1992  The Founding Parent Syndrome Carver, John 
Mar-Apr 1991  Custom Design Your New Exec's Orientation Program Fram, Eugene & Robert Pearse 
May-Jun 1991  The Case of the Captive Board: How to Regain... Bateman, Claire 
May-Jun 1991  Persuading Board Members to Raise Funds --- 
Jul-Aug 1991  Improving Board Effectiveness Fletcher, Kathleen Brown 
Sep-Oct 1991  How Businesslike Is Your Board?: Test Yourself Wilson, Leslie 
Nov-Dec 1991  The CEO & the Renegade Board Member Carver, John 
Nov-Dec 1991  Nonprofit Vs. Corporate Boards...? --- 

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