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Nonprofit World Articles: Law & Taxation

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Jan-Feb 1993  Keeping Up with Personnel Matters Levesque, Joseph 
Jan-Feb 1993  How to Prepare for Your A-133 Audit McDonald, Kelly & Jesse Hughes 
Mar-Apr 1993  New Telemarketing Laws --- 
May-Jun 1993  Do Your Job Descriptions Comply with ADA? Dixon, Greta K. Marie 
May-Jun 1993  To Write or Not to Write: Do You Need a Personnel Handbook? Levesque, Joseph 
Jul-Aug 1993  New IRS Sponsorship Rules; Good News for Nonprofits Hopkins,Bruce 
Sep-Oct 1993  Foundation Types & Criteria Knowlton, Lisa Wyatt 
Nov-Dec 1993  Take Out a Contract on Yourself?: Yes! Morris, Tom 
Jan-Feb 1992  Looking an Insurance Gift-Horse in the Mouth Ashton, Debra 
Jan-Feb 1992  Why Is Our Property-Tax Exemption Being Challenged? Lane, Marc 

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