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Nov-Dec 1999  Are You Giving Donors Proper Receipts? McAllister, Pamela 
Jan-Feb 1998  Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth: Gifts of Property Solender, Elizabeth & Krause, 
Mar-Apr 1998  Debunking Myth of Bill Gates: Finding Major Donors Reuther, Valerie 
May-Jun 1998  The 4 Ws of Major Gift Solicitation Goettler, Ralph 
Jul-Aug 1998  Are You Sure You're Ready for a FR Campaign? Panas, Jerold 
Jul-Aug 1998  Eight Steps to Fundraising Success Selladurai, Rajan 
Sep-Oct 1998  Don't Let Gotchas Getcha When Asking for Money* Block, Jean 
Sep-Oct 1998  Are We Talking to Ourselves? Smith, George 
Nov-Dec 1998  New Rules for Reporting FR Costs* Harr, David & Robert Frank 
Nov-Dec 1998  Twelve Ways to Say Thank You Robinson, Andy 

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