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Nonprofit World Articles: Computers & Technology

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Issue Title Author
Nov-Dec 1986  Choosing the Right Computer Markworth, John 
Jan-Feb 1985  Yankee Ingenuity Sidler, Mark 
Jan-Feb 1985  Nonprofit Accounting: the Search for a Solution Simonse, Arnold 
Mar-Apr 1985  Power Up: Computerizing the NYT Shakespeare Robinson, Mark 
Mar-Apr 1985  Resourceful Management Sidler, Mark 
May-Jun 1985  Staying Organized When Using Your Micro Sidler. Mark 
Jul-Aug 1985  The Price of Training Sidler, Mark 
Sep-Oct 1985  Take the Challenge Sidler, Mark 
Nov-Dec 1985  Computers & the Nonprofit Organization Henderson, Karla 
Jan-Feb 1984  Should I Buy a Computer? Williamson, Jim 

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