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May-Jun 1995  Core Groups: An Overlooked Key to Board Effectiveness Murray, Vic & Pat Bradshaw 
Jul-Aug 1995  When Board Members Are Hurt & Angry: Strategies for Damage Weisman, Carol 
Sep-Oct 1995  Philanthropy Is Not Business: Advice to New Board Members Howe, Fisher 
Nov-Dec 1995  Demystifying Your Role as a Nonprofit Board Member Brunetti, Mike 
Jan-Feb 1994  Ethical Decision Making For Boards Hogling, Arthur 
Mar-Apr 1994  The 10 Commandments for Boards of Directors Fritz, Roger 
Mar-Apr 1994  How To Create an Effective Board King, Alice Gore 
May-Jun 1994  How Healthy Is Your Board? Paulson, Arnold 
Sep-Oct 1994  How to Hire the Ideal Executive: Advice to the Board Smith, James Monroe 
Nov-Dec 1994  7 Keys to a Successful Board-Staff Retreat Eadie, Doug & Alice Kethley 

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